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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Pulling a Rabbit Out of a Hat

It Only Took 18 Days

On June 9, I was offered a One-Person Show at the Hillman Center for Performing Arts in Pittsburgh, PA with an (original) opening reception day of June 28.

OMG! That's ONLY 18 days away!!!

The gallery space has two separate areas and could fit around twenty-ish pieces of framed art. I had seven pieces framed. 

First Stop:  Panza Gallery!  Mark and his daughter, Jennifer worked with me to frame eighteen pieces within my practically non-existent budget and my absurd timeline.
Next on the list was designing an exhibit invitation. Designing the invite was easy. Agonizing over printers - well this is a post (rant) in itself.

Then comes the supporting marketing collateral for the exhibit. My Biography & Artist's Statement just needed to be printed on nice stock and framed. My dear friend and Marketer in Crime, Nadine Ostrowski, helped me whip out a Press Release. All that's left is the exhibit catalog and artwork tags.

Monkey Wrench! We found out that we had a conflict of dates with the PGA Seniors Tournament held across the street. They close the road except to PGA VIPs. So we had to change the dates for the opening reception. However, my timeline didn't really change. I was scheduled to escape to the beach and the only day I could hang the show was June 27.

On June 27 we pick up framed art. Twenty-one pieces total were framed, one of which was a triptych and two others were diptychs.  My incredibly awesome husband, Paul, helped me hang the exhibit in just a few hours.

The real work was done in just 18 days!

Now I could relax and enjoy a previously planned beach vacation

Last on my task list was promotion. I hit all the local newspapers and online calendars in a few hours then promoting the exhibit on all the social media until the opening on July 11.

Understand one very important thing here. I Could Not Have Pulled This Off WITHOUT the Help of a AWESOME Support Team. 

If you don't have a great support team, that could help you pull a rabbit out of a hat, then begin to build those relationships immediately. You Never know if someone is going to offer you a prime opportunity to showcase your work.

BTW, The opening reception was a hit!

Thank you to all who helped me pull this off and those who support my artwork

Joy and Laughter

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