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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Top 3 Mistakes of Trade Show Vendors

I spent 10 days at the Pittsburgh Home and Garden at the David L Lawrence Convention Center. Thousands of people wandered through over 1500 exhibitor displays. Many of the vendors met many new prospects and collected tons of new leads while others were dismayed as people scurried down the aisles.

So why were some vendors successful and other were not?

Three common mistakes made are No Plan, No Personality and NO Follow Up!

First, know Why you are there! What is the purpose of exhibiting at this show? Are you introducing a new product? Are you collecting names to build a list? What do you have to do to get the return on your investment?

In other words, Do You Have A Plan? A great display is only half the battle. Start by setting goals: I want to meet "x" new prospects a day. I want to get "$x" of new orders a day.

Let people know you'll be at the show by using postcards, emails, phone calls. Don’t forget to contact your current customers and arrange to show them your new widget at the show. They will be one of your best sources for referrals. Offer an incentive for them to visit your booth. Drawing & contests are a great way to build up your list.

Be sure that the people tending the display booth reflect a positive, enthusiastic and engaging personality! Attendees will not stop nor take your information if the person at the booth is an unfriendly Jag-off! Remember, People do business with PEOPLE they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST!

The next step is a Follow Up Plan. Keep in mind the big picture. You're competing with hundreds or even thousands of exhibitors among all the other trade show booths. Thousands of people will go through the show collecting a ton of information that will promptly be placed on the corner of the desk for a week or perhaps even months.

How will you follow up so your company will stand out from all the other vendors? How will you stay Top of Mind after the show? Phone Calls? Emails? Postcards?

Sending a Personalized Thank You note is an awesome way to remind people of the conversation, products & services. Plus, it begins to build a relationship and develop rapport. If you are willing to take the time to send a Thank You note, you’ll likely take more care about the project.

When they are ready to pull the trigger, you will be the one they think of fondly and first. It’s not always about finding the lowest price! Relationships Do Matter! People do business with the People they Know, Like and Trust.

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