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Thursday, March 26, 2009

How A Greeting Card Caught The Attention Of The Mayflower Madam And Launched A Cascade Of New Opportunities!

Having been in Marketing for over twenty years, I thought I knew it all.


A few weeks ago, I was on a Dan Kennedy Tele-Seminar presented by none other than Sydney Biddle Barrows, the Former Mayflower Madam.

Now here was an amazing woman! Her life takes a down turn but rather than go run and hide, she embraces it and publishes The Mayflower Madam, which incidentally, is on the must read list of all the top MBA programs. Then she goes on to be one of the top Sales and Marketing consultants!

Now that woman has Eggs! I like that!

As she spoke about selling the Experience, I suddenly understood what it really meant to sell the sizzle, not the steak.


Well, I just had just had to send her a Thank You card telling her how much I enjoyed the Tele-seminar and I had the XXX Uncensored Sales Strategies on order.

I choose a card with my favorite piece, Morning Fog Gives Way with the thought that Hey; she just might like my artwork and keep the card on her desk for a few days – or longer!

Now, the note was no great prose. (Which is the main reason I was drawn to the Kennedy concepts, to improve my copywriting skills. My background was more boring technical writing, You know, Step 1 do this, Step 2 do that, etc. So, please bear with me as my dull writing skills develop – but I digress)

Anyway, it was just a simple Thank You note. Three simple lines expressing my appreciation for her presentation.

(Hard to be believe it was just three lines considering how long winded I can be, eh?)

Then She emailed me to Thank Me for taking the time to Thank Her!!!


Well, that began a string of emails and a Blonde joke, which she just loved! That exchange culminated into an offer from Sydney to include the joke and a short blurb and link to my newest website in her Newsletter.

HOLY $#!&

What and Effing Awesome Opportunity!

Ok remember to breath!

How Did This Wonderful Thing Happen!?! (I began hearing the Talking Heads song Once in a Lifetime in my head).

All I did was send a simple greeting card. now has the attention of Sydney Biddle Barrows network! And all because of a simple greeting card.

I wonder where this will lead?

Which leads me to the question: When was the last time You said Thank You, I appreciate what you have brought into my life. As my gift, I invite you to send a Real greeting card to someone special. Someone who has made your life better. Let them know what they mean to you. Who knows how a simple greeting card can affect your life!

Visit, turn your speakers on and click the banner. You will be guided through the process of sending a real card. No Risk! No Strings!

(Be sure you have the latest version of Explorer or Firefox as we are using the newest technologies.)

Let me know your stories. I’ll post the best ones on upcoming blogs with links back to your websites.

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