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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What's the difference?

I am new to this phenomenon called Social Networking. In my quest to learn how this whole thing operates, I have made some interesting discoveries.

On, Mike Klingler asked the question "What's the difference between providing value to attract business, vs. pitching your affiliate program, opportunity, or products?"

I'd would like to comment on that great question.

Online social networking is proof positive that most people are looking to build real relationships. They seek out like minded people. They want to connect with others that echo their interests, thoughts and feelings. They are reaching out to fill a void in their lives

As marketeers, we must first connect with our audience by adding some value to their quest. I made the mistake of trying to rush into the promotion of products without really building any relationships first. I know better now.

Just like in regular face to face networking, we must form relationships first. Online is no different. People want to do business with the people they Know, Like and Trust!

So how can we add value to the people we want to join our networks? What need do they have that you can fill?

I'll address that question in the next post . . . .

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