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Friday, May 1, 2009

Hurry! Good People On Sale!

Trend is men will go first and women will be hired at 70% salaries

Remember in the 70s when our dads got laid off? Our moms went to work while our dads did work that was below their skill set and well below their salaries.

Well, it’s happening again!

What are you gonna do?

FIRST and Foremost, Get your list of connections in order before you are asked to hire your replacements.

Understand the importance of your contact list. Most folks undervalue the LIST.

What if your competitor offers you a choice position? Now how important is your List?

Or what if you realize the cutbacks your current company is implementing will sacrifice quality and you decide that you want to start a competing company and bring your Top clients with you. Now how valuable is that List?

Don’t just consider if they can offer you a new position or business, but can they connect you to the RIGHT person. It’s not just who you know, but rather who THEY know.

Next, start reconnecting, let people know that things are shaky at your current employers and you are exploring your options.

Referability Expert and Author, Michelle Donovan, wrote a great article on activating your network after a layoff. This is a MUST READ ever if you think you’re safe!

In the last week, I’ve heard three different very successful professionals talk about the importance of relationships in achieving their success.

Think about it for a moment.

Relationships, both personal and professional really matter. In business, Word of Mouth is still the most effective way to find quality products or services.

How many times have you asked friends, family or co-workers, Who do you know that . .

People Do Business With People They Know, Like and Trust.

How strong are those relationships? Both Personal and Professional Relationships. What can you do to strengthen them?

How about sending a Real Greeting Card? It’s on me! FOR FREE!

Take a few minutes to send a real greeting card to someone you care about. Let them know how important they are to you.


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